Mediterranean Style Home With Rustic Elegance For Sale or Rent By Owner, Pet-Friendly

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  • Spacious  beautifully fully furnished house for Sale

  • Spacious fully furnished rooms or house for long- or short term stay, serviced optional. High speed internet, Wifi- Complimentary.
    A home a
    way from home. The house is large with landscaped yard and fully self-contained. All necessities are included. Car and Bike rentals. Suitable for business people, solo- traveler or families.
    Optional : Secretary ( Harvard degree), Driver, Taxi,Guides ,Nanny, Activity staff for your children and Pets, Pet grooming and TopClassTutors→ all school & university subjects- for bookings.
    Short term rent: Minimum 1 week, Long-term- unlimited
    Short term: Rate per standard room: from : €150 per night,A room with balcony, A room with a garden view: from : € 200 per night, Deposit::
    400 per room
    Long term stay:
    Rate per month, house : € 2450 +  electricity ≈ €100 
    Deposit: 2 months and contract
    Rate per room: € 900 + electrocity ≈ € 45, Deposit: 2 months, contract
    In total: 3 rooms
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 Ground floor


Spacious entrance / hall with cloakroom, toilet with sink and suspended toilet bowl, fixed staircase to the first floor. The staircase covered by blue lagoon linoleum. The bathroom with pastel colored tiling decorated with  the large pink peonies.


Spacious garden room and an open modern kitchen with recently renovated insulated glazing (double glass window panes) of German Producer for thermal and acoustic performance. The spacious living room with a door to the garden receives natural light through the large windows at the rear.The living room has a practical closet, which is adapted for an Eco-washing machine, brand Miele, and a new dryer. The entire ground floor has underfloor heating. The modern brown kitchen is located in the front of the house parallel to a large window. Along the kitchen is a long bar table with very comfortable light blue, Aniline leather bar stools, with backs and padding. On one side, the dining room is completely covered by wall murals with a unique landscape of Canadian mountains and lakes. During your stay in the kitchen you will experience a unique experience to be part of this nature. This wonderful image is complemented by two blue spruces with cone hanging fruits growing in the front yard which will extend your view beyond the windows. The Green living concept. From an ecological point of view, these conifers are sterilizing the pathogenic microflora in the air and soil for you. In addition, this green filter reduces dust, NO2 and CO2 in the air and enriches the air with a higher concentration of oxygen around your windows. You are breathing the pure air with a very pleasant scent of a coniferous bouquet. With warmth comes the release of volatile oils and aromas, coaxed by the warm convections eddying in these islands of light. New scents trace the air. You enjoy the beauty and peace of being in a natural setting. You also enjoy the varieties of tulips and peonies in your front yard along with hanging alpine-look baskets, blossoming each year from April until the first frost. Additionally, each room has a modern, mobile air purification system. This captures the dust and kills the harmful microorganisms. 


First floor:
The first floor has a landing with stairs to the second floor. Two bedrooms on the first floor: the first bedroom with large quality dormer, the second bedroom with a skylight (Velux Duo Horizontal).
The bedroom at the front is designed to reach the effect of the interplay of light with the help of the recently placed natural daylight system for extra illumination (Velux Horizontal duo).
The rear bedroom has a large new dormer with large windows.
The entire floor, except for the bathroom, has a snow- white laminate.

Second floor:
The third bedroom is located on the spacious attic with a dormer and a skylight with a folding balcony
(1 x Velux Cabrio sloping + 2 x Combi sloping). 
The attic has ample storage space under the sloping sides. The entire floor has a snow- white laminate.

The bathroom is shared between a spa shower with massage jets, capacious sauna, Jacuzzi / whirlpool bath, the second toilet, wash basin and modern flat radiator.
There is a blue antique hand-painted tile picture of 18th century; it is decorated with koff smack (old ships), traced back to the Frisians in the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Britain, France and Spain, creating an authentic atmosphere in the bathroom. The water flows from two exclusive Waterfall Faucets with LED lighting. The new toilet has been installed recently.

A complete bathroom with bath and shower,make it, on the whole, a comfortable and authentic house.

Built in 1990, land size 132m , approx 350m capacity, total Living area approx 140m.

Location: The house is situated in the dead end of the street in a young, peaceful, friendly neighborhood, within a walking distance from the downtown De Kwakel, Municipality Uithoorn, Amsterdam area

On the south side of the house is a green park with a few lakes, a meadow and rose gardens.

Near all that Amsterdam has to offer.

The residential area was set up with various housing types in the same architectural style and has a clean and modern look. In the center you will find several shops and schools including the prestigious
Academy-for-Gifted.COM offering the Ivy League university Bachelor"s degree from 13 years old  and TopClassTutors.ORG educational services for International minded students.

There are various facilities including public transport and sports facilities, Spa, hairdressing salon, library and restaurants in the immediate vicinity.

Environment: Uithoorn, municipality, in the immediate vicinity of the City of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, is a modern and active city with some 27,000 residents. The oldest part of Uithoorn is located directly on the Amstel River and the port can accommodate large and small boats. Shops, restaurants, schools, incl. and  TopClassTutors.ORG -Top educational support International and churches are in good supply.




the garden is located on the northeast. The area has a white storage covered with tulps,crocusses,gladioluses and Alpine flowers and hanging flowers and plants on the roof. The Green living concept. The garden is decorated in Mediterranean style. On both sides an array of fruit trees, bushes, flowers and the healthiest blackberries grows. The middle section is covered with snow-white tiles.  A high wooden fence separates the romantic garden from the neighborhood. Amazing white baskets with hanging geraniums,petunias and tulips make it a place to unwind and relax or hold a big gathering. These inspiring outdoor green walls will help you make your space a favorite hangout.

Front yard: Front of the house is capped with a polished blue fence and a new intercom. The house has security (video and audio) systems and alarm. The live images from your video system you can see via the Internet on the other side of the world.
The two conifers and many blooming peonies at the front are planted for decoration purposes creating the picturesque view, the exterior.
Every window has been draped in striking blooms of mixed Geraniums which are red, pink and lilac in color. These look gorgeous, planted in hanging baskets, containers and will flower profusely for months. You can simply step out your front or back door to enjoy this Alpine look, gorgeously planted in hanging baskets, containers. Fabulous Hanging Floral baskets!

Parking: Free parking in front and unrestricted parking around the house.
Behind the house is a child-friendly playground.

Buyer costs
: only € 279.000

Acceptance in agreement.


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